Can you speak Chinese?

这里有会汉语的吗?在这交流很困难…communion difficulty in here...can you understand what i say?my sentence probably wrong,you can tell me right sentence
Дорога, дорога, всё то ты знаешь
This is terrible! Very hard language! Real hell
ngộ ái nị, mậu wap
There will be Chinese do? In this
exchange is very difficult. I googled it hehe. Btw What are you trying to say.
i know some sentences in chinese language.
1. Ni hao.
2. Ni hao ma?
3. Jin tian hao ma?
4. Wo ai ni.
5. Ai wo pa.
how to say sentences above in english?
Translete this sentences in google transleter
для особо мерзких, мы особо дерзкие
chatgirlviet and other speak english OR ban.
This is the last warning
Hello Mr. Donsy i am Jackie Chan
davinci, 1.Hello
2.How are you?
3.How are you today?
4.I love you
5.Love me
where can i learn chinese language?
where is site address to learn it?
in simple sentences.
Google translate doesn't work to translate my sentences.

i love chinese girls, that's why i want to learn their language.
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